Wabi Treehouse

Pacific Northwest Magazine:

"Lighter than air.  That's how it is now, this home in the woods tethered to a steep hillside".

"Some people have a house they get away to on the weekend.  Why would we want to do that?...Owner

This new home is built from the foundation up to decrease cost and be environmentally sensitive. 

A light, contemporary open plan replaces a series of dark, confined spaces. Cedar siding is used inside and outside in high traffic areas to blur the line between interior and exterior. 

Styling is a mix of asian, industrial and modern influences. Zoning for the house is flipped upside down with the primary living spaces on the upper floor and the more private spaces downstairs. 

The master bathroom is design as a wet room including a concrete indoor/outdoor soaking tub. 

The Living area and Master Bedroom suite hang over the ravine.

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