"Can we, can we climb it yet?" 

Helix Spire was a temporary 25' tall sculpture designed and constructed by Erich Remash + Chris Thomas, Thomas Fragnoli Construction

Constructed with 196 2x4's and weighing in at just under a ton the Helix was designed to be easy to build, easy to climb and easy to burn.

Ordinary materials were used in a clever way to build a sculptural and recognizable climbing toy which provided a good view and a point of reference for gathering and or play.

Rising 25' above the ground, the tower's geometry creates and interesting visual against the sky as it spirals upward. 

"It's a four sided stairway to heaven!"

"The Helix was constructed twice, once in the heart of Nevada's Black Rock Desert for Burning Man and once LARC near Conway, Washington for Critical Massive

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