Batteredwall is a sculptural masonry structure built from wood acting as a climbing toy, a tower, an altar, a refuge, a ruin, a landmark.

Our proposal is a tower constructed of four battered walls. A battered wall is a wall that slopes backward by recessing or sloping masonry in successive courses. 36' tall, 16'x24'x8' at its base.

Openings in the successive courses create slots which cover the entire tower allowing light to spill in and out of the structure. The slots may also be used as hand and foot holds for climbing. At this time we hope to allow people to climb on the entire structure

During the day slots will light the inside while the structure provides refuge from the sun. At night the structure will be lit from the inside calling to passers by while creating an impressive pattern on dusty nights.

We intend to burn the structure. The lumber for the project will weigh in excess of ten tons. The shape of the tower mimics that of large kiln chimney. 2x4 lumber retains is structural properties until it is almost completely destroyed, as a result the structure should stand for quite some time in spite of being on fire.

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