Lightbox Remodel

Project Under Construction

Transformation of a dated mid-century house into a contemporary home. A complete remodel inside and out for a new family with two young children. 

 With the original front door a full story above the sidewalk the entry was clumsy and uninviting. 

The front door and corresponding landing were lowered improving the connection to the street, providing defensible space, and increasing the stature of the house.

Employing a significant kitchen and dining area with a strong connection to the rear yard improved the feel of the main floor while also making the most of a beautiful existing backyard. 

The original house was dark and poorly lit. In response the ceiling height was increased andlight boxes were added in the middle of the kitchen and at the entry to insure that the primary living spaces are well lit throughout the day.

A ductless heating system improves energy efficiency, provides cooling and reduces the need for ducting and soffits.  

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