Black + White House

Pacific Northwest Magazine:

"It is the complexity of such simplicity that fascinates.  The house is cleverly layered, the fireplace forming a plane in front of the glass doors, and wall angles stopping just short of where you'd expect them to meet.  Simple yet complex, plain yet complicated, subtle yet arresting."

"Preserve the privacy, Keep it quiet.  Use simple, even humble materials.  And make it black."  Tom Bailey, Owner

While lines between the indoors and out are skillfully blurred, in one aspect that transition is emphasized.  The home's dark exterior is thrown into relief by a brilliant interior, not unlike walking from a shadowy room out into the light, except in reverse.  Inside you are greeted with a sea of soft white punctuated by anthracite accent walls.

The interior palette is dominated by sheetrock walls, concrete floors, plywood cabinets and aluminum doors/windows. Color comes from the owners belongings.  A jolt of orange in a painting or a bright red leather chair.  In such a subdued, neutral setting, books, art and even a shaft of sunlight take on an intense beauty, each showcased by the purity of the stark colors around them.

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