Black Dog Lodge

Pacific Northwest Magazine:

"A solid cabin of rock and wood planted high over lake Cle Elum.  Big fireplaces to take the chill of snowy winters; sliding glass walls for cooling summer breezes.  Door's-always-open kind of a place"

"I wanted this thing to feel a little more woodsy.  We had a tug-of-war, and I think we came up with something pretty great.  It feels like a rock, and it makes me feel grounded.  It's a place to live, not just look at."  Sean Northrop, Owner

The lodge is comprised of a small grouping of buildings, a central living building with sleeping building on either end.  Two entrance buildings connect the three primary buildings providing horizontal and vertical circulation.  

The steeply sloped roofs are oriented to conveniently locate the typically heavy snowfall away from the entries and exterior windows.

To address the sloped terrain and the client's resistance to traditional stairways seven terraces with sixteen total steps, a few steps between each terrace were employed to play down the change in elevation, hug the landscape and minimize ground disturbance.  

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